Skin Care

Founded in 1993 Naturally Australian Tea Tree Oil was built on a passionate commitment to the quality and authenticity of our oil. With first-hand knowledge of the incredible benefits of tea tree oil for the skin, we set out to create a natural range of skin care and personal care products all containing our premium oil, hence the NATTo brand was born.

Tea Tree Oil Skin Care

Our entire range of skin care products incorporate the many health benefits of Melaleuca Alternifolia with its high anti-bacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties. Each product has been carefully manufactured to ensure that tea tree oil is the true hero. Uncap a tube of NATTo Skin Therapy and the aroma is unmistakably tea tree.

Skin Care Products

We offer different tea tree oil products that will purify and nourish your skin. Our body lotions focus on natural hydration, leaving you with a skin smoother than ever. The different scents of our lotions have a relaxing effect and give you a wonderful aroma to enjoy. We also offer lotions especially for your feet that will relieve you from any irritations or cracked skin.

Our face cleanser is suited for all types of skins and removes the face from all bacterias. Best to combine with our tea tree oil face therapy, for an optimal purifying effect. The Vitamin E in our skin care products also supports the immune system and cell function of your skin.

NATTo also offers an exclusive 100% all natural tea tree oil, which has many benefits to the skin. The pure tea tree oil can be diluted with a carrier, such as coconut oil or water, to treat very specific skin conditions, acne or just nurture the skin for optimal care.

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